Ahead of Time

Unaired in the US - 48 minutes

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Guest Cast
  • Scott Jaeck (Michael Tipton)
  • Deborah White (Laurie Wilson)
  • Richard Kline (Gvork)

  • Erica Yohn (Spy #1)
  • Wolf Muser (Spy #2)
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Directed by: [ credit ]
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Episode Synopsis

Jonathan finds a naked woman in his shower and assumes that she's a student who's been persuaded by Benny to pull this stupid prank on him. She leaves when he refuses to believe the truth: that she's come from the year 2016 (clothing doesn't survive the trip), that she's risking everything to travel back in time to prevent a troubled student from taking the first steps on the road to a terrorist career that will culminate in a devastating global war...and that in her time, she harbored a mad crush on the elderly Dr. Jonathan MacKensie. Benny comes to believe Laurie's story when she quotes pertinent parts of an autobiography that he won't write for another twenty years, and together they persuade a reluctant Jonathan to help them discover how and why one of his brightest students went wrong.

Summary written by: M.D. Bloemker

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