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Chasseurs d'ombres (Shadow Chasers) Theme

Shadow Chasers Theme Lyrics

by Marc Tanner & Jon Reede

Danger, danger,
Secrets through the dark.
I keep looking for an answer.
Paranormal; Personality
Hey, hey, hey - A bull's-eye mystery
Feel the power
Chasin' you around
Sayin' "Hold on, Hold on, Hold on"
Ooh the shadows,
Something shakin'
What's that breakin' down the door?
Ooh the shadows,
Spirits dancin'
Like you've never seen before.
  Midnight hour,
Chills you to the bone.
Still, you're dancin' through the fire, (yeah)
So peculiar; electricity
(Spoken)  Oh - look out!
Strange desire, Attracts you to the flame.
Come on, Come on, Come on.
Chasin' Shadows.
Right behind you
Disappearing off the wall
Chasin' Shadows.
Strange behavior.
Life ain't what it seems,
Ooh, what it seems at all.

(lyric transcription provided by Jackie Moleski)

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