The Spirit of St. Louis

First Aired November 21, 1985 - 48 minutes

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Guest Cast
  • Laurie O'Brien (Vicki Pasternack)
  • Cameron Dye (Eric Pasternack)
  • Vincent Schiavelli (Theo Goldberg)
  • Corki Grazer (Liz)
  • Richard Romanus (Bailey/Eli)

  • Fran Bennett (Dr. Frolov)
  • William Lewis (Endicott)
  • Daniel McDonald (Hall)
  • Herb Mitchell (Lt. McWilliams)
Written by: Craig Buck
Directed by: Victor Lobi
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Episode Synopsis

Jonathan and Benny travel to the Pasternack Museum in St Louis to investigate reports that the Eye of the Pyramid, an ancient Egyptian stone reputed to carry King Tut's curse of "death on swift wings," is responsible for several mysterious deaths. Thirty years ago, the artifact gave rise to a cult started by a teenager named Eli Buck, a fact that Jonathan and Benny discover when they are threatened by a gang of teenagers calling themselves the Pharaohs who have dedicated themselves to carrying out Eli Buck's sacred mission: to prepare the way for the resurrection of the Boy King, Tutankhamen. Just as Jonathan realizes that the final preparations for Tut's summoning require the sacrifice of a "life source," Benny finds this out for himself...the hard way.

Summary written by: M.D. Bloemker

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Episode Gallery

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