How Green Was My Murder

First Aired January 9, 1986 - 48 minutes

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Guest Cast
  • Eileen Barnett (Beth Clark)
  • Joshua Gallegos (Police Chief Waters)
  • Amanda Ingber (Frankie (as Mandy Ingber))

  • Robbie Rist (Corky Weatherly)
  • Richard Schaal (George Trattner)
  • Ronnie Schell (Mel Ferdman)
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Directed by: [ credit ]
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Episode Synopsis

Dr. Jason Clark, a noted but eccentric botanist, is strangled to death in his greenhouse. Jonathan and Benny show up at the late scientist's house in time to overhear the video will, in which it's revealed that Dr. Clark disinherited all his friends and family and left his entire estate to his plants. Was the doctor done in by a greedy relative--or was the culprit one of his beloved plants? Only the plants know, so it's to the plants that Jonathan and Benny go for the answer.

Summary written by: M.D. Bloemker

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Episode Gallery

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