Amazing Grace

First Aired November 28, 1985 - 48 minutes

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Guest Cast
  • Parley Baer (Edward Zeillor)
  • Patch MacKenzie (Nurse Lewis)
  • Kate Charleson (Nurse Alcott)
  • Ron Lucas (Zabbo)

  • Mary Armstrong (Nurse Bonner)
  • Barbara Sharma (Millie)
Written by: Susan Goldfarb & Bob Rosenfarb
Directed by: Barbara Peeters
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Episode Synopsis

Badly injured in a car crash, Benny undergoes an out-of-body experience that culminates in his strange encounter with a woman who desperately pleads with him to "Save them! Don't let it happen again!". Discovering that the woman in his vision matches the description of a wealthy philanthropist who recently died in the same hospital, Benny exploits Jonathan's guilty conscience (he was not only driving the car at the time of the accident, he was the one who chose the old wrecker ["It doesn't even have seat belts!"] at the rental lot in the first place) by talking him into impersonating a singing chicken, breaking into confidential hospital records (which gets him the information they want along with a brief stay in the local jail and the humiliation of having to call Dr. Moorhouse to bail him out), and smuggling visitors into the hospital after visiting hours.

During Benny's out-of-body experience, he overhears Jonathan, wallowing in guilt, admit that he'd chosen the vintage rental car because it was the same model as his father's car, the one in which he'd lost his virginity to Mary Jane MacDonald. Benny later stuns Jonathan with the revelation of his knowledge of this fact, cheekily referring to it as Jonathan's "romantic flashback."

While recuperating, Benny connects with another patient at the Hooperville hospital, Edward Zeillor, a retired plumber who once read one of Benny's books, "Europe on Five Ghosts A Day."

To lure the secretary away from the computer so that he can sneak a peek at confidential hospital records, Jonathan shows up at the door as a singing telegram messenger, dressed in a chicken suit, to deliver the news (in song) that the hapless secretary has just won a new car from the Colonel Cluck-Cluck fast food chain. ("So while you're out enjoying your good fortune and good luck, remember that the food is great at the sign of Colonel Cluck!")

Benny then persuades Jonathan to smuggle in visitors after hours; Zabbo dressed in monk's robes, and Hortense in a laundry cart. Hortense, to Jonathan's bemusement, is Zabbo's ventriloquist dummy ("Just what we need, another dummy who talks to the dead!"). But she's also a spiritual medium and manages, after a brief contact with Gracie Allen, manages to make a connection with the late Grace who warns them (but too late) that Edward Zeillor's life is in danger.

Summary written by: M.D. Bloemker

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