Doctor Julianna Moorhouse's
Guide to the Paranormal

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Nina Foch (Dr. Juliana Moorhouse)
Trevor Eve (Dr. Jonathan MacKensie)
Dennis Dugan (Edgar 'Benny' Benedek)

Executive Producers:
Kenneth Johnson
Brian Grazer

Created By:
Kenneth Johnson and Brian Grazer

Music By:
Joe Harnell

Title Theme By:
Marc Tanner and Jon Reede

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When I first approached Professor Jonathan Mackensie with the idea of founding Georgetown Institute's Paranormal Research Unit, he was not enthusiastic. In point of fact, he was highly resistant to the entire concept. After deftly arguing in favor of pursuing this area of study, I did finally convince Mackensie to open his mind to the possibilities - and open it he did. More than I would have liked. While I have so far been unable to prove tabloid "journalist" Edgar Benedek's charlatanship to the trustees of Georgetown Institute, I have patience and fortitude - I will prevail. In the meantime, Benedek has proved to be mildly useful in solving some of Mackensie's more difficult cases.

Included herein are the official reports recognized by Georgetown Institute. There are other reports as well, many of which have appeared in the pages of the National Register, that supermarket rag that so foolishly employs Benedek. If you are looking for reports of a signficantly more sensationalistic bent, I recommend you turn your attention to that unworthy publication's archives. In the meantime, presented herein is the canon of MacKensie's research - sometimes known as Shadow Chasers.