Let's Make a Deal

First Aired January 16, 1986 - 48 minutes

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Guest Cast
  • Oliver Clark (Oliver Wendell Holmes)
  • Shawn Schepps (Suzie Garlock)

  • Kathryn Leigh Scott (Gwen Page)
  • John Zarchen (Tony Page)
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Directed by: [ credit ]
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Episode Synopsis

Gwen Page, State Representative, Senatorial candidate and Georgetown University alumnae, comes to Dr. Juliana Moorhouse with a problem it seems that twenty years ago, as a senior cramming for final exams, she had mistaken a fellow student's offer to ensure for her 'a life of unqualified success' in exchange for her first-born child on his or her sixteenth birthday, as a joke. Only now she's convinced it was no joke her only real opponent in the election just dropped dead of a heart attack during a genteel debate, and in the ensuing confusion, Gwen glimpsed Susie Garlock in the crowd, looking not a day older than she had twenty years ago. And Gwen's son Tony will be sixteen in only a few days time. Benny calls upon the services and occult expertise of his lawyer, Oliver Wendell Holmes, who informs them that the contract is indeed binding services have been rendered, and therefore payment is due. However, Ollie is able to come up with a legal precedent, "Harold the Mongol's" prescription for breaking the contract. All Jonathan and Benny have to do is concoct a potion with ingredients like yak's bile and frog's tears, enlist the aid of allies of pure soul, find a sword encrusted with rubies and emeralds, and, wearing just the right suit of chain mail, use the sword to ... slay a dragon.

Summary written by: M.D. Bloemker

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