Blood and Magnolias

Unaired in the US - 48 minutes

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Guest Cast
  • Frank Ashmore (Miles)
  • Mary-Margaret Humes (Allison Collingswood)
  • Cameron Mitchell (Edwin Greaves)

  • Warren Munson (Dr. Bidwell)
  • Frank Farmer (Stone)
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Directed by: [ credit ]
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Episode Synopsis

Dr. Moorhouse receives a letter from a former student, Joan Collingswood, who claims to have fallen victim to a vampire; Jonathan and Benny arrive in Mayfield, North Carolina in time to pay their last respects at her wake. The official cause of death is anemia, from which other townspeople are also suffering, but Benny wheedles details of a local legend that claims the lost colony of Roanoke (the site of which is nearby) was wiped out by a vampire back in the sixteenth century. Joined by Joan's cousin, Allison, their attempts to investigate the reputed site of the legendary vampire's resting place lead them to the estate of Edwin Greaves, a wealthy, eccentric recluse attended only by his loyal servant Miles. Benny's conviction that Greaves is a vampire is put to the test when Allison ends up in the hospital with mysterious puncture wounds in her arm, and then later disappears from her hospital room.

Summary written by: M.D. Bloemker

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