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From left to right: Dennis Dugan as Edgar Benedek, Nina Foch as Dr. Julianna Moorhouse,
and Trevor Eve as Professor Jonathan MacKensie.

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  • Even more new adventures posted on the Fanfic page!
  • New press kit photos added to the photo gallery! Much more coming soon!
  • Dead links removed ... resurrection unlikely (sorry, Boom-Boom!)
  • You can read the transcript of the Home Theatre Forum chat with Shadow Chasers creator Kenneth - or Kenny as he prefers to be called - Johnson at Htf Chat Kenneth Johnson. There's only a brief mention of Shadow Chasers in passing, but it's a great discussion of several of Kenny's seminal television works. Check it out!
  • The Bloemker Archives are dedicated to the fannish legacy of Mary D. Bloemker. The Archives are now open, with more art images, zine information, and stories coming soon.
  • Shadow Chasers creator Kenneth Johnson's other series The Six Million Dollar Man and The Bionic Woman are finally headed for region 1 DVD release! Read more about it on his web page, and you can order The Bionic Woman: Season One now. The Six Million Dollar Man complete series can be ordered from Time-Life. Individual season releases are coming later.
  • Shadow Chasers theme lyrics can lead to bizarre dancing!
  • Dragon Lady approves MacKensie's grant! Colossal quakes shakes Capital!
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